Jerusalem Tours

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Holy places next to historic sites, Jews side by side with Muslims and Christians, markets filled with souvenirs and artifacts, local shops with beautiful ancient facades, Jerusalem is an archaeological and cultural kaleidoscope, an endless city with ancient and colorful aspects to explore and experience.


 Beit Shmuel, the cultural center located just a short walk away from the Jaffa Gate, specializes in providing visitors with a variety of  tours covering different areas of interest in Jerusalem. Our Tour Department, known as a leader in this field, offers a choice of historical and archaeological tours with emphasis on traditions, neighborhood stories, culture and art, religious holidays, and the rituals of the various denominations that have for centuries been part of the social fabric of Jerusalem. Years of experience as well as many dozens of tours in Jerusalem which take place every month, in addition to an almost intimate proximity to the Old City make us the best address for anyone looking for the perfect tour of Jerusalem.

Beit Shmuel Jerusalem walking tours:

One City – Three Religions

Jerusalem hidden from the eye

Tastes of the Old City

Ethnic Groups and minorities in the Old City

The Poets of Jerusalem : from Yehuda Halevi to Yehuda Amichai

To the Heart of the City – Alleyways in Nachlaot

A Multiple Royalty - Along King David Street

A walking tour in Mount Herzl

Ein Karem – Like a Painting

The Charedim in Jerusalem

Tour of Mishkenot Sha'ananim and Yemin Moshe

Love Stories on Ha'nevi'im Street

Cosmopolitan Jerusalem