Tastes of the Old City

let your taste buds do the walking

Have you ever walked through the Old City of Jerusalem in search of the perfect dessert sweet? Discovering a city is not always only sights and monuments. In this tour we will wander along the Old City streets and markets and savour delicious and distinctive local food and drinks. We will taste the best baklava (phyllo pastry with nuts, syrup or honey poured over it) in town, learn how to create unique spice blends, discover the secret family run tahini and halva factory, visit an ancient Mamluk Khan (a way station in ancient times), and sip mint tea at the gate of the Temple Mount. And what is a Viennese strudel doing in the middle of all of this? Your taste buds will have an amazing experience and this delightful tour will satisfy all your sweet cravings. Jerusalem has never been so tasty!

* Modest clothing required